Snooki And Patti Stanger’s Magazine Pictures: Who Are They Kidding?

Snooki's Ex
The guidette THOUGHT she found her juicehead.
Patti Stanger
The reality star at Bravo's Upfronts 2011.
Photoshop is a wonderful thing, but certain media outlets try to pull the wool over our eyes when they present images like the ones above.  

Patti Stanger’s head looks like it’s attached to a life-size Barbie doll, and Snooki’s complexion is far too smooth for someone who’s made her money drinking Long Island Iced Teas.

We the people realize that magazines can’t slap a photo like this on their cover with the headline, “PREGNANT! YAY!”  However, to assume that we’ll sit quiet while you give Stanger and Snooki the “Mariah Carey Album Cover” treatment is just not realistic.