SNEAK PEEK: ‘New Moon’ Production Starts

March 12th, 2009 // 46 Comments

So here are the usual suspects Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight gang getting to work shooting scenes for the sequel New Moon (featuring over 100 photos).

It’s a big day for fake hair, what with Nikki Reed dusting off her blond wig for her role as the willowy vampiress and Taylor Lautner donning his long, black locks as Jacob Black. That guy’s got to be breathing a huge sigh of relief.

We’ve yet to see other photos of other castmates aside from the ones listed, so it will be interesting to see casting rumors confirmed or denied as more photos trickle through.

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed on the set of New Moon.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. roro

    It’s nice to see the entire cast is encouraging the young fans to smoke!

  2. riotgrl

    Do any of these morons NOT smoke?? God, what a bunch of losers. Even Peter Facinelli, that’s disappointing.

  3. nelt

    Yup that really sucks.
    I didn’t think Peter Facinelli smoked,they suck(a bit)

  4. jniw

    Seriously, it’s just dumb really. Hopefully they don’t get Taylor smoking too. And i thought Nikki Reed dyed her hair for the first movie?

  5. Champ Burger

    Wow, yeah — almost every one of them are smoking. That’s a really poor example to set for the fans. I feel bad for whoever has to kiss these addicts – lol.

  6. Cee

    Ha, they’re all a bunch of smokers!
    I suppose Kristen has to make do with the cig, she can’t possibly smoke pot on the set :P

  7. dawn

    Yeah, it is weird that they all smoke…but I’m surprised no one’s commented on how huge Taylor is. Holy crap, that kid is ridiculously huge, but at least his wig looks better than in Twilight. :)

  8. nay

    of course they all smoke!!! you try being that famous and not smoke!!! nikki reed did dye her hai for the first movie. she is only in the movie for the first couple of chapters

  9. tomris

    Their make-up look much more better. I think Nikki is better with the wig and Peter’s dye this time is better. Honestly when I first watched the movie I was like couldn’t they make it more believable. Because it screamed fake from a miles away. It resembled to the temporary hair dyes. Whoever was responsible for the make-?p for the Twilight should get some crash course in how to do their job.

  10. xx

    seriously? Setting a bad example for the fans? Dear god, you are all ignorant. They do not live to inspire your children, they are real people who do real things and don’t need to live by anyone’s book but their own – and of course their agents’. Get off their ass. You all talk like you are some sort of saint. It’s not like they’re over there shooting up heroin or OD’ing on pills or bangin’ hookers. Lay off, damn.

  11. Nona

    Reading all your guys comments, yeah I was like “most of them smoke??”. But meh, it’s their live…if they wanna smoke a cancer stick that’s their choice…I don’t see why everyone should care about that…I almost see everyone from young kids to adults smoking cigarettes. Buzz of people, my god.

  12. Laura

    So what they smoke, I didnt know they were suppose to be role models here for the teenagers. They are people. Also im sure they werent aware these pics were being taken either. WoW can people stalk or what? Get stalked and your pic taken without permission but then complain what there doing? Makes sense. I just feel grateful there making my favorite book into a movie.

  13. mkd

    ummmm so they smoke…wonderfull… i love this cast but im not living my life like they are theyre people they’re not supposed to show kids hats right and wrong thats the parents job so get over it…. Nikki looks like barbie…PERFECT!!!!….why is kristen in the same shirt?…Taylor is ginourmous…robert was definetly not in edward wardrobe…ashley and kellan are amazing as always anddddd Im sooo on team JASPER…is it realy odd that bella is my least favorite character? she a little annoying especially in this book

  14. Samantha

    eww, smoking….what a turn off. Kristen annoyed mein the first movie hopefully she is not so awkward in the next. and hullo Jasper how hot is he looking…..
    Is it me or does Rob in real life look nothing like his character in the movie….

  15. Minna D/FW

    Wishing everyone on set the best, stay safe. I’m waiting to see if the movie is what my imagination dreamed up when I read the books. Sending my blessings.

    I have one question tho, uuummmmm is everyone a smoker? Just being curious is all.

    Ms. M

  16. ginny

    Why do they have to be role models. Most of them are barely out of their teens. Teach your own kids right and wrong and the hazards of things that are not so defined. This is a free country and you all have a right to bitch about them, but get over it already.

  17. Rosie

    I am on everyone’s side.

    I get why some people are disgusted because the cast SHOULD be setting a good example and not risking there lives for some stupid cigarette but at the end of the day they are the ones with there own lives and if they decide to risk loosing there fans that is there own choice.

  18. Nicky

    Rosie, like others have said, these people are actors not role models. Lindsay is around the same age as some of the cast and she does far worse things then any of them and who cares because it’s her life. And besides, people still love and respect her. Each to their own I say.

  19. Reina Robinson

    He’s a hottie… i heard him and Nikki Reed were hooking up… she has a new horror film commin out called Chain Letter.. im still lookin for the release date…

  20. Olivia

    I heard about Chain Letter too… I’m really looking forward to it, the trailer looks good. And Nikki looks so much better as a brunette than as a blonde!

  21. Jillian Neel

    I wish everyone would get off their backs. They are people and everyone thinks that celebs lives are a piece of cake, well it’s not all fun and games. You try having someone know everything your doing at every second and then tell me you wouldn’t pick up a cig? If you don’t like knowing about their personal lives then stop looking into it. And really kids these days see people all over smoking so don’t just bash these guys. Hey here’s an idea…make a sign and go spend your days walking streets telling everyone smoking is bad cuz they don’t know. Ha. And then get off these guys’ backs and let them do what they are good at. As for the cast, I think they are all great. Especially Rob. He’s got the face of an angel. Peace out
    Jillian 20

  22. kristina

    I really don’t think they should care about their fans who pay their bills and put money in their banks. They should care about their health. Smoking is disgusting. Period. No matter if it is the grocery stocker in town or your favorite actor. When you see them doing it you say. Eww. Get off their back, yeah. Change your opinion of smoking, NO!
    I was disappointed at this as well. I guess that young people these days want to look old and smell bad, have rotting lungs and all. Who cares, I do. I happen to like these actors, except Kristen’s painfully bad acting in Twilight.

  23. genya

    Who cares if they smoke…god… Anyways, loved the movie Twilight, just about finished the first book. Robert Pattinson is beautiful, those eyes just make me melt!! Hope they’re enjoying the Canadian Weather.. :)

  24. Sally

    So they smoke, so what? Lemme tell you how stressful and how grueling their job really is! A cig and a bottle of water or a coffee is all they get to call lunch most of the time. Because of such a tight deadline, I’m not suprised the shooting schedual is so packed the only have time for like one meal a day. Yeah, that’s why they make the money that they do. Long hours, little food, and little sleep is an actor’s lifestyle. You don’t like it? Well, Nobody asked you anyway!

  25. Gissy

    Taylor looks great. The wig is a lot better this time, and he’s as huge as he promised to be.
    What’s the big deal about the smoking situation? They like it, they do it, is their money and their lungs. We’re living on the XXI century where smoking is a normal habit for the young people. I don’t say it’s cool; I just don’t care about the way that people live their lives.
    I’m so in love with Taylor Lautner and I know he will bring us the real Jacob Black.

  26. m31i22a

    God who gives a damn if they smoke its there f**ing life so what if they like cigarets danm lay off you people are hipacrits im shure most of u have smoked at least once so shut the fucking hell up God ugg……………but the movie wuz amazing and Edward is SOOOOOOOOO Sexy same with Jacob Omg SEXY

  27. Alison

    I think the all look how I pictured reading the book… Rob needs a little more J. Crew to his look. Nikki now looks like Barbie, Much Better! I love Kristen as Bella, perfect look. I don’t care that they smoke but why…. are they trying to avoid the catering?

  28. kaylyn

    :O muscles yay!! … im glad he got taller … and who cares if they smoke .. big deal.

    team JACOB!!

  29. Charne

    Let them smoke!
    Its their choice at the end of the day, so let them be themselves! Either way i have no doubt it’s going to be an awesome movie!

  30. Brandy

    I think that it is disguisting to see them all smoking. Dont get me wrong I love the movie, but it is definately not the most attractive thing to see them all doing. Atleats “Jacob” seems health conscious he was the only one not smoking!!!!

  31. alyssa

    holly cow he shouldnt be smoking ooooo well his fault when his breathe smells like cigs and his teeth turn black gets cancer and dies

  32. Julie

    I cant stand how all these people keep talking about this role model shit come on man i mean seriously its not that big of a deal if they smoke they live a very stressful life do u have any idea what these people go through they dont have a life everything they do gets blown out of porportion cant go anywhere or do anything without people hovering over them. Their personal life get thrown out for the world to see so why dont you people mind your own business and reality kids smoke all the time not because they see some movie stars doing it but because theres easy access to it

  33. Catherine

    ok ok ok OK

    y should we care what they do in their PERSONAL lives????????!!!!!!
    let them do what they want to do–yes when i irst sawa the pics i was like “holy crud they alllll smoke!” but then a lot of people do!
    i still luv the books and the cast and could care less if they smoke or not

    and when u guys talk about ‘role modles’….its sounds like every person in the world follows stuck up celebs (people can tell right from wrong……..most of the time =) )

    dont take any of this 2 personaly

  34. Catherine

    big deal!!!! a lot of people smoke
    (and no i dont i find just the thought disgusting)
    and cut it with the role modles! if u havnt noticed, their role in this movie is a bunch of werewolves and vampires—-and not many people r obsessed enough 2 follow them through their day by day lives

    luv the books,movies,and cast

  35. Jasinda

    i dont think it is write for them to smoke. but who am i to say,its thier lief. any way i love the movie twilight:)!!!!!!It Rocked big time, and i ssssoooo cant wait for New Moon to come out they need to hurry

  36. jana

    wow this is messed up!hey are they going to promote decota fanning as jane to smoke too? aka kristan just dosent smoke cigs she also smokes pot isnt that terrific.?! i love robert pattinson. rember crank those hogwarts jackets. and yes i am a white girl 11 years old

  37. jana

    wow this is messed up i hope they dont promote decota fanning io smoke. aka kristan dosent just smoke cigs she also smokes pot isnt that great.!?i love robert pattinson remeber crank those hogwarts jackets and yes i am a ten year old white girl

  38. Mnayevfc

    VWIS5x comment4 ,

  39. ellen

    hey, look i’m a smoker, and i agree, its not gd but like xx says, they are people, jst like the rest of us, who are we to judge? its not like they are smoking in the films….coz that wldnt be an expamle, its down to the people what they do….i say back off, n leave ‘em alone, n good on taylor for bulkin up, its hott

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  43. Mahault

    wow the smoking issue gets you all talking a lot.
    isn’t there something else we could wonder about?
    like are nikki and jasper dating?
    who’s that red haired lady standing her back to us? why is rob always alone on the pics while the others seem to be sticking up together?

  44. Mahault

    wow the smoking issue gets you all talking a lot.
    isn’t there something else we could wonder about?
    like are nikki and jasper dating?
    who’s that red haired lady standing her back to us? why is rob always alone on the pics while the others seem to be sticking up together?

  45. Dr Manhattan

    Maybe I should have read more. But I don’t really care, watch my movie ;)

    Don’t blame the actors for engaging in an activity that they have the right and freedom to do. I don’t care for smoking, but if the next actress/actor needs it to get through the day, then by all means.
    Its toddler knowledge that people may use alcohol and (legal/illegal) drugs to help cope with any stress. Such as the stress from working on one of the most anticipated movies(Sequels) of the year. Seriously, were talking the Twilight Vampires! and now they have friggin werewolves! Werewolves! or maybe he just does it for recreational purposes, anyway before I run out of tangent, I’ll get to my point

    If you want to point any of those insignificant carpal extremities you call fingers at anyone, it should be Social Life. They approved these photographs on their website and obviously didn’t feel that this was setting a bad example. Besides movies and advertising are the bad influences on the youth

  46. 24 is real

    Cant wait for chain letter to be released. It will be an awesome film. Nikki Reed will be a good pickup in this film

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