SNAPPED: Heidi Klum Is Ready To Birth That Baby

Heidi Klum shows off her pregnant belly with pride in an animal print top as she picks up her kids from karate class in West Los Angeles, California yesterday.

She’s pregnant with number four and is busy trying to tame the other three who excitedly jump on her big belly because they “don’t really understand there is actually a real human being in there.” But sadly, Klum doesn’t know if she’ll be back to her bikini body in time for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November.

“I have to play it by ear; I might be cutting it a little short this time. I’m still going to have my Halloween party, that’s okay because I can put a big costume on but walking in a g-string is a little hard,” Klum added. “It’s all cute when you’re pregnant, but once you’ve had the baby it’s not so… well, it takes time.”

Here’s hoping that she does, otherwise millions of young men are going to be very disappointed.