Smiling Rupert Sanders Still Wearing Wedding Ring, Begins Everything Will Be Fine Tour [PHOTOS]

Rupert & Kristen
Snaps of Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart.
While Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross isn’t wearing her wedding ring anymore, her estranged husband Rupert is. And with a smile!

However the smile is all for show, Rupert was actually calling the cops on the paparazzi who were snapping these photos of the director.

Images were taken outside his home in the Hollywood Hills yesterday (August 23, 2012), where he came up to the paparazzi’s car window to ask why pap was following him. They exchanged words and he threatened to call the cops and started taking photos of the pap with his iPhone.

Sanders has apparently vowed to do everything he can to save his marriage with model Liberty Ross. After cheating on her with actress Kristen Stewart, he has agreed to be a better husband. 

The 41-year-old is now ready to accept all terms and conditions that Ross has decided to set – and one of them demands he be a better husband, reports However, the model is behaving in a calm manner and does not wish to rush into anything.

According to sources, any decision about their relationship is not going to come out anytime soon and might take a few more months. The couple has two children.

Good luck with that.