Small Town Socialite: Help Ruin ‘American Idol’

Your weekly guide for events, openings, and time wasters for those living in the boonies.

  • Visit Vote For the Worst and help sabotage America’s “favorite” reality program. Don’t worry. The fact that American Idol producers and diehard fans have major problems with this site doesn’t automatically makes its mission wrong.
  • In the spirit of the holiday season, Blockbuster has launched a rather non-denominational Easter Egg Hunt that’s sure to keep DVD hounds busy this weekend. Of course, whether or not you’d even want to join in “the fun” is the question. But uncovering extra special features on Lost might make it all worthwhile…
  • Finally, in case you haven’t already heard, iTunes has added free video podcasts of Best Week Ever to its ever-growing library of time wasters on the go. The clips are annoyingly short, but there’s something strangely comforting about being able to take Frangela wherever you go.

Written By E.K. Jones