Slutty Dolls Fire Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul has previously claimed she was the executive producer, choreographer, and probably drug dealer for the live-action “Bratz” doll movie. As evidenced by an episode of her reality show “Hey Paula”, she lost those titles. How the hell does someone choreograph when drunk or high? That can’t be a tight routine.

On this week’s episode of “Hey Paula,” Abdul’s self-aggrandizing re ality show on Bravo, the loopy “American Idol” judge is shown crying after she receives a mes sage from real “Bratz” producers telling her that her services are no longer wanted.

Paula freaks out, screaming “how can they treat me this way”? Well, because you’re a damn junkie and probably can’t get any work done. You’re probably scaring the children hired to play those harlot dolls. Sources say that she was (duh) “a nightmare to deal with” and never really part of the project. A rep for Lionsgate says that they were sorry it didn’t come together with her, but she is loved. Loved by people with stolen prescription pads! Swing a stick at her and pills fly out!