‘Slumdog’ Co-Stars Freida Pinto and Dev Patel Dating?

Well, look what we have here! A mere week after the news broke that Freida Pinto and her fiance (or husband?) Rohan Antao called it quits, loudmouths on the Slumdog set are blabbing to Ryan Seacrest (he’s everywhere today!) that she and co-star Dev Patel are an item.

While co-star Anil Kapoor was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show he referred to their “magical chemistry” and “when I meet them I feel there is something happening…I think this is the beginning of something exciting.”

Wow, first Sharon Stone was “chasing” and “slapping him around” and now he broke up a marriage. He’s the Indian Angelina!

Like they say: It’s the quite, fresh-faced ones you gotta watch out for.

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