SL’s Interview With CAKE, Plus Celebrate This New Years Eve With The Alternative Band

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Ah, New Years Eve… a time for resolutions, romance and celebration with CAKE,  the rock band who’s been churning out hits since the mid-90’s such as “The Distance,” “Never There” and “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”.

With a raw sound and enthusiam CAKE has been drawing in audiences with their quirky lyrical and personable technique. Their 2011 album, Showroom of Compassion, opened at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums, this is a chance to celebrate with Cake at The Wiltern’s final concert of 2012.

I was able to get an exclusive interview with the band to see what they have been up to since their notoriety became apparent back in the nineties.

E. Nusgart: How has your style and sound evolved throughout the years?

CAKE: Our approach to recording has kept its original methods of management. Just as a person, in their own life management, learns certain rules of behavior that function properly for them, so have we found conventions of behavior in the recording sessions that allow creativity and productivity to play out for us. Everything has become bolder in a natural progression. We gradually find new ways of musical expression as we go forward.

More from our interview with CAKE below. 

E. Nusgart: When did you decide you were going to start a band?

CAKE: John McCrea, the singer/songwriter of the band, had numerous bands. This latest incarnation of his music arose after a return to Sacramento from Los Angeles, and a rethinking of the way he wished to approach the presentation of his songs.

E. Nusgart: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

CAKE: Our band likes AC/DC, Hank Williams Sr., and Sly and the Family Stone.

E. Nusgart: When you’re not making music, what do you do for fun?

CAKE: I like to browse my friends’ facebook posts and burn with envy.

E. Nusgart: Out of all of your studio albums, do you guys have a favorite?

CAKE: Comfort Eagle was an especially strong album. Showroom of Compassion, our latest, is probably our favorite though. It has solid contributions from every band member. What you put into something makes a huge difference in how you regard it.

E. Nusgart: What is your favorite thing about New Year’s Eve, do you have any resolutions for the upcoming year?

CAKE: I like how much of an existential moment New Year’s Eve is. It’s like everyone’s birthday all at the same time. There is a feeling of gratitude for being alive, and especially for the renewed opportunity for redemption.
I resolve to be less nervously obsessive/compulsive and more calmly intuitive/active.

E. Nusgart: Where has been your favorite place to perform live?

CAKE: A no-brainer…Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. And the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, of course. The current location is always the best.

E. Nusgart: Who has been your favorite person to work with in the music industry?

CAKE: The late Phil Walden of Capricorn Records comes to mind and stays there. He was the first to welcome us into the music industry, and his staff helped carve a place for us in it.