Surfing For Peace

Surfer king Kelly Slater was hanging out with Bar Rafaeli in Israel and got in a scuffle with photographers resulting in his being detained by police. Bar is Leo DiCaprio’s ex and Slater has been linked with everyone from Pamela Anderson to Cameron Diaz. So between them, they have had some really global superstar bodily fluids exchanged! Bar is no stranger to photographer scuffles as the same situation occurred when she visited with Leo earlier this year. Photographers were waiting outside their hotel in Tel Aviv. Did she not want Leo to know or something?

In an effort to prevent the cameramen from taking pictures, Slater pushed them, a photographer at the scene told Channel Two TV.

“A brawl broke out and Slater was taken for questioning and later released,” the spokesman said.

Slater, who is of Syrian descent, was visiting Israel for the first time as part of efforts by the group, Surfing for Peace, to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians through the sport.

It’s always good to promote peace by roughing someone up. Not to hate, but is SURFING really going to finally stop that conflict? Wax up your boards and stop fighting over your ancestral homeland! Drop that car bomb you were about to install and make for the tube! Sure.

Photos: WENN