Slash Seems Like A Nice Guy

I read this MTV News article with Slash and I have to say, he seems like a normal dude. Maybe I’m just partial cause I loved him so much in that Robert Evans cartoon series, “Kid Notorious, which made him seem like the most affable neighbor ever.

In the interview, Slash was asked if he’d answer a call from Axl Rose, to which Slash replied:

“Oh, I’d answer it,” the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist said recently. “But I know he would never call me. I’ve actually sent him Christmas cards, just to be cordial, but he never returns anything.”

I love the idea that a guy who wears leather pants actually has a Christmas card list. My new goal in life: to get on that list.

Slash: No GN’R Reunion, No Reply To Christmas Cards, So Onward With Velvet Revolver [MTV]

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