Slash Impressed With Rihanna’s Imitation Of Him

Rihanna channeled her inner “rockstar” by dressing up as Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash for her newest video, “Rockstar 101.” Then again, she kind of lives like a rock star everyday. Slash was in fact supposed to star in the video but couldn’t make it work with his schedule.

“I played on the song, and they called me up to ask me to play in the
video, but my record was just coming out, and I was sort of worn thin,” Slash told MTV news. “She was really sweet. She sent me this pleading text to
come do the video, but I couldn’t make it work. I told her that me not
being in the video wasn’t going to make or break it.”

But Slash says the result with totally glammed-out Rihanna playing the part (pictured hitting a Dublin bar last night) was still “hot.”

“The video is way better with her being me than with me being me,” he
said. “All things considered, it brings an element of sexuality to it
that I probably wouldn’t have been capable of. I think it’s hot, and I
sent her a text this morning telling her it was definitely hotter with
her doing it than with me doing it.”

Flirty texting with Slash? Is there something you’re hiding, Rihanna? What does Matt Kemp think??

Watch the video for “Rockstar 101″ after the jump.