Slama Hayek’s Goes Gucci At Cannes ‘Puss In Boots’ Photocall [PHOTOS]

Huh. Salma Hayek made a bold statement in a burnt orange leather Gucci dress with a flower bolero. Hayek appeared with her Puss In Boots with co-star Antonio Banderas today in Cannes for a photocall for the film.

The co-stars looked quite chummy at the event; they were hugging and kissing each other affectionately. The two spoke about how they are proud to be Hispanic actors in Hollywood.

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“When I started out, Hispanic roles were very limited,” Hayek said Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival, where she and Banderas joined DreamWorks Animation overseers to show off footage of “Puss in Boots,” a “Shrek” spinoff coming this November. “Roles were very limited. There were one or two kinds of characters you used to do. Now we get to play the cats! It’s OK to be a Hispanic, even if you are a cat.”

“Cats were British, normally,” Banderas added at a question-and-answer session alongside Hayek after the footage screened. “I feel very proud, actually,” Banderas said of his role in expanding the types of parts open to Hispanic performers. “I never pretended when I first went to Hollywood to be a guy from Oklahoma. I am what I am. And fortunately, the Spanish community in the United States has grown in the last 22 years that I have been there. There has been an explosion in Hollywood, which is a reflection of the society in which we live.”

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