SL Takes A Look Back At The Best And Worst Of Britney Spears [PHOTOS]

Britney Spears Engaged!
Britney Spears celebrates engagement in Vegas
Britney Spears has been through a whirlwind throughout her career. From her Mickey Mouse Club days alongside Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling, to her current role as a judge on The X Factor, Spears has entertained us with her crazy antics, good (and bad) VMA performances, and everything else in between.

Even throughout her ups and downs, she still is the sweet Britney that we know and love. After all, she did wish a special acapella happy birthday to L.A. Reid(Check out the video below!) Without a doubt, though, we love this snake wearing, Madonna kissing, (ex) K Fed loving mouseketeer.

Click through the gallery to see some of Britney’s most memorable moments! (Some of which we’d like to forget.)