SL Casts ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey:’ Ian Somerhalder or Colin Egglesfield? [PHOTOS]

We plowed through E L JamesFifty Shades Of Grey within 48 hours, simultaneously thinking about which star could play Christian Grey.

I’ve had conversations about this with my sisters and co-workers (Celebuzz’s Amanda Hasaka and I butt heads about a few famous names), but my two picks (right now) for Mr. Grey are Ian Somerhalder and Colin Egglesfield.  It should be noted that not even a script has been written for the film adaptation, acquired by Universal.

We all know how I feel about Somerhalder (Damon Damon Damon), but I’m more drawn to The Client List’s Egglesfield for this particular character.

While Somerhalder is very, very handsome, Egglesfield has that look about him that says, “I make a ton of money and don’t have time for funny business, but secretly in the bedroom.”  There’s something reserved (and undeniably sexy) about the Michigan native that I also see in Grey; that sort of uptight personality that occasionally let’s his sense of humor show.

Egglesfield is 39, which puts him 12 years past Grey’s ripe, young age.  Hasaka pointed out  how significant Grey’s age is in casting the role.  I agree, because that will play a major part in telling the billionaire’s story.

Maybe it’s because I’m too attached to Somerhalder’s character in The Vampire Diaries and know less about Egglesfield, but I see Mr. Salvatore whenever I see a photo of Somerhalder.  However, this decision isn’t written in stone, and I’m open to hearing other suggestions for the part.

Sound off, troops.