SL Casts ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey:’ Ian Somerhalder or Colin Egglesfield? [PHOTOS]

May 17th, 2012 // 36 Comments

We plowed through E L JamesFifty Shades Of Grey within 48 hours, simultaneously thinking about which star could play Christian Grey.

I’ve had conversations about this with my sisters and co-workers (Celebuzz‘s Amanda Hasaka and I butt heads about a few famous names), but my two picks (right now) for Mr. Grey are Ian Somerhalder and Colin Egglesfield.  It should be noted that not even a script has been written for the film adaptation, acquired by Universal.

We all know how I feel about Somerhalder (Damon Damon Damon), but I’m more drawn to The Client List‘s Egglesfield for this particular character.

While Somerhalder is very, very handsome, Egglesfield has that look about him that says, “I make a ton of money and don’t have time for funny business, but secretly in the bedroom.”  There’s something reserved (and undeniably sexy) about the Michigan native that I also see in Grey; that sort of uptight personality that occasionally let’s his sense of humor show.

Egglesfield is 39, which puts him 12 years past Grey’s ripe, young age.  Hasaka pointed out  how significant Grey’s age is in casting the role.  I agree, because that will play a major part in telling the billionaire’s story.

Maybe it’s because I’m too attached to Somerhalder’s character in The Vampire Diaries and know less about Egglesfield, but I see Mr. Salvatore whenever I see a photo of Somerhalder.  However, this decision isn’t written in stone, and I’m open to hearing other suggestions for the part.

Sound off, troops.


By Kelly Lynch

  1. SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Corinne

    COLIN EGGLESFIELD. Even though Christian Grey is a 27 year old billionaire (Colin is 39 BUT looks more like 30 if you ask me), it is said repeatatively how he looks his young age of 27 only when he’s sleeping. So basically even though he is 27, it’s OK if the actor looks more like 30.
    Somerhalder doesn’t do anything for me. He looks like a scruffy little brat rather than a studious, beautiful, strong looking MAN.

  3. COLIN all the way. He is the perfect Christian.
    -He has that All-American Boy smile and can definitely pull off the unreadable facial expression.
    - He can pull off Christian’s dialogue way better. (that medieval knight talk)
    -He’s SEXY
    -He has the height, build and the business man look.
    -He was made for white linen shirts and pinstripe jackets.
    -I can imagine him listening to classical music and playing the Piano

    Ian is hot but I only see 1 shade to him and not 50

  4. Carmen A.

    COLIN EGGLESFIELD.. Please! When I read the book, he is who I imagine. He is perfect for the part. He could play an troubled billionaire, who is sexy and mysterious! Please oh please consider him!

  5. Angelica

    Colin Egglefield. I picture him when reading this book. His eyes are the absolute best! He can do dark and vulnerable. His smile is infectious, boyish, and sexy as hell. That other guy, whatever his name is, does nothing for me. Looking at Colin’s pictures, all I can say is, “OH MY”.

  6. Lauren

    Colin Egglesfield is the perfect Christian Grey. Thought I do love Ian and he is very sexy, Colin has a more business tycoon look to him. He seems more mysterious and and hidden. I don’t think his age will be an issue. Especially since Grey acts older than he is most of the time. I can see Colin in a very serious and hot tempered mood but also being very playful and sexy!!

  7. VB Rock

    Alex Pettyfer!!! Please – no Vampires (so cliche – and Ian S is too dumb to play Christian…) Go Alex!!!!!!!

  8. Lala

    Yes!!! ALEX PETTYFER!!!!!!
    Ditto on no Vampires – guy or girl ones!!!!

  9. Joan

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! endorse Colin to be Christian Grey.

  10. rachelle

    I pictured Colin the whole time I read the books! He is perfect to be cast as Christian!

  11. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    My choice for Christian would be Dan Feuerriegel from STARZ show Spartacus. I choose him for a few reasons (and yes, I’ve read all 3 books)
    1. He is a virtual unknown that has the opportunity to show everyone what he is capable of. If a known actor is chosen, it could create extreme expectations.
    2. He has a REAL scar on his chest. No, it’s not a burn but who cares. Adapt….make the abuse more than just burns.
    3. He has the look. Oh the look. The messy, just f***ed hair and the grey/blue eyes. I’d let him whip me all day.
    4. And speaking of whippings……He’s proven on Spartacus that he can go from lover (even loving but harsh brother) to badass in .2 seconds. He’s that awesome.

  12. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    I concur with Natalie. She knows wherefore she speaks.
    Dan Fuerriegel would be an incredible & believable Christian Grey.
    He can ‘play’ it all!

  13. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    i’m gonna have to disagree natalie sorry

  14. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    disagree he’s annoying

  15. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    not a fan either at all there are far better for this role

  16. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    controversial role is too much early in his carreer

  17. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    I think he’d do a great job, he’s been amazing in Spartacus and I’d love to see him excell in other areas!!

  18. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    I agree Dan’s the man!! Great actor, not to bad on the eyes.. ;)

  19. cj

    I also cast a vote for Dan , I am looking forward to his next project and think to see him play Christian Grey, I can describe in one word, Yummy!!

  20. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    Dan is perfect for the role He’s a great actor and It is great beautiful what wastes nothing! Vote for DAN!!!! Yes we can ….

  21. Colin Egglesfield Suit AE Networks Upfronts Lincoln Center New York
    Commented on this photo:

    dan who? no one cares about dan he sucks

  22. Jasg

    Colin has the face and the body described in Fifty Shades…he’d be perfect. The other guy looks creepy and perverted…not Christian Gray at all. Somerhalder would just ruin the book for me.

  23. Henry Cavill, hands down

  24. Rosa

    Colin is definitely my pick.

  25. cherie

    Colin. Is Christian 100% he has those eyes that can burn a hole through you…. non believers just watch the movie “something borrowed” and you see what I’m talking about…

  26. Adrienne

    Alexandra Daddario has the look for Ana. Eyes, hair and so sweet and adorable. Colin Egglesfield as Christian. He has the grey looking eyes, cute smile and sexy body. He would have to die his hair copper. I see the chemistry between these two. Could be very steamy.

  27. Christy

    Couldn’t agree more Colin Egglesfield is the PERFECT choice for the role of Christian Grey!! He is who I pictured the entire time while reading the books!

  28. Caroline

    I have always pictured Colin when reading the books. Him with Alexandra Daddario as Ana. Colin looks a lot younger than 39. As long as they can look the right age, who cares what they actually are?

  29. CARLEY

    Definetly Colin Egglesfield, hes perfect, a true lookalike for christian grey. He looks like a buisnessman and also has the body, but not only that he looks suductive! When i was reading the book all i could think about and picture was him because he looks just like the description!!

  30. Kimberly

    Colin Egglesfield!! He is the total package… The eyes,lips,hair,body,height.. He would be a PERFECT Christian Grey

  31. Joy

    Colin is definitely my choice. Come to think of it, he is exactly what I pictured Christian to look like while I read the 50 Shades Trilogy. He certainly doesn’t look his age and could easily pass for a 27-28 year old as Christian was in the books.
    They can’t go wrong with casting thing fine looking man as the lead. I believe he’d make a lot of box office money if they choose him.

  32. ads

    colin definitely!!!


    Colin Egglesfield!! Is the Christian Grey… He is the total package…

  34. Ian Somerhalder CW Red Carpet 2012 Upfronts
    Fifty Shades book lover
    Commented on this photo:

    Isn’t there a young Richard Gere look-a-like to play the part of Christian Grey. He was my Christian as I read the book!

  35. HL

    It should be STEPHEN AMELL from “Arrow”. He is Christian in the flesh. Steaming hot with all the right physical attributes and moods

  36. my favorite fantasy man is ian somerhalder as christian gray. he is the perfect man to play this part !!. ian s. is soooo steamy & hot. if anyone else plays this role. they will ruin the sexy book for everyone.

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