Skinny Tori Spelling Sells ‘Mommywood’

After baby number two, Tori Spelling looks thinner than ever here at the launch of her book Mommywood. I’m not exactly sure what this latest piece of literary genius is from Tori, but I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s going to piss off her mother Candy Spelling. I have trouble believing Tori’s story that “There’s no feud.”

Especially now that her mother has addressed her in an open letter on her website (check out the letter here). Candy writes, “Well, I’m stepping up. Call me, write me, text me.” Candy closes the letter by writing, “I want a relationship with you and my grandchildren.” You can tell she means it by the pink background.

These two just keep hurling books back and forth at one another. And it looks like that activity burns a lot of calories, cause Tori is quite emaciated.

The reality TV star has been busy guest-starring on 90210 and it appears that the pressure of staying as thin as her young costars is getting to the 35-year-old actress. She needs to write a cookbook next.

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