Skinny, Single Lindsay Lohan On A Manhunt

April 22nd, 2009 // 9 Comments

All eHarmony gags aside, seeing just how thin Lindsay Lohan has grown after her break from girlfriend Samantha Ronson is highly disturbing. I don’t know that we’ve seen her looking this thin for a few years now.

If there’s one appetite Lindsay has never had any problem satiating, it’s her passion for companionship. Page Six claims that Lindsay’s been enjoying the company of men lately, Kellan Lutz and British paparazzo Chris Jepson.

Let’s just hope this trip to the eye doctor might help Lindsay to see things a little more clearly.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan shopping at Positive Eye On Optometry on Melrose Ave. with sister Ali Lohan.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Martiniman

    Let’s hope her companions at least buy her dinner..she’s looking ill.

  2. green cardigan

    God, she is a disaster. One problem after another. She must be existing on cigarettes and thin air.

  3. Dating Misanthrope

    Girl looks tore up from the floor up! Why would anyone pay to see her saggy boobs in Vegas when you can see them here for free? If I ever get the urge to do coke I will refer to these pics. Coke makes your boobies sag, your face dirty, your bones show and your sister look like a 40 yr old. It also ruins your career. Plus side, you do get to go shopping every day and clubbing every night. Decisions decisions……

  4. Education

    Shouldn’t Ali be in school?

  5. Amanda

    I’m thinking that these pics make me feel SOOOOOOOOOOO much better about my saggy boobs. She needs to eat something. Poor girl… I wish she’d had a better life and not grown up so fast that it overwhelmed her.

  6. SARA

    She’s still not over Samantha , the pictures show her wearing one of Samantha’s necklaces, and another charm of Samantha’s. So sorry guys don’t think she back to men just yet.

  7. Jon C

    Chris Jepson is a gay man, so that particular rumour is up the creek!

  8. Snow Pie

    It’s time for her mother to take her to lunch.

    Then, if she can find it in her to take the time, convince dumbo to check into a hospital or anorexia clinic.

    Does anyone know why she’s hurting herself?

    Is this about “Herbie the Love Bug?”

    This is what making a covert movie about pot and cocaine will do to you. You must not bee a fool for Hollywood’s Culture Club of drugs.

  9. Lqgakbiq

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