Skinny Jeans Move Over

Having grown up in a two stoplight town, one in which driving your riding lawn mower or small John Deere tractor to high school was acceptable, I’m more than a little familiar with Wrangler jeans. And if a guy was rocking the Wrangler, then they had to be skin-tight enough to force even those with the strongest of legs to walk bowlegged. If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to witness this phenomenon in person, just take it from me that some people simply should not be rocking skin-tight ANYTHING, much less an unforgiving fabric like denim.

How the brand managed to survive when there are so many varieties of jeans out there today, I am guessing is due to the reinvention of the jean. Loyal fans have carried the brand, and the boot cut “Blue Bell”, the first modern-day 5-pocket jean, has helped win over newer customers interested in a more updated look. Now ladies are being catered to as well, thanks to Wrangler’s latest project. A women’s line that will be called “Blue Bella” is set to become a reality in the very near future. The launch of the collection will coincide with a store opening of UK’s first Concept store. Carnaby street will be home for the latest store that opens March 22nd.

Yes, I know, I am stereotyping a bit here, but I would like to state that the recollection of jeans so tight you could see men’s “religion” are extremely true and fresh in my mind. So, it’s different when I say it.

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