Starving Bitches Need Not Apply

It is official. Documents signed on Monday have banned super-skinny models from the runways of Milan. Also, teens under the age of sixteen will not strut any catwalks in the fashion capital. The official ban is aimed towards models with a body mass index of 18.5 or less.

Milan isn’t the only fashion-mecca taking control over the waifishness of their models. Spain has put the kibosh on underweight models this past September. Brazil also is in the midst of campaigning to ban “too skinny” as a result of the death of a popular Brazilian model as the result of an eating disorder.

The ban has overcome a strong amount of hesitation and resistance. Fashion houses felt the models and their weight was not an issue. But big names are lobbying to tighten the reigns and eliminate concerns.

Personally this issue is touchy. But I support it. I am not supporting being overweight but being underweight is just as deadly. I think that is the issue here. Having a BMI slightly over the healthy norm doesn’t make you fat so calm down. No one is saying anything about using overweight models.

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Now, if we could just ban the pretty girls too, I’d be a happy camper.

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