Skincare Tips To Make You Red Carpet Ready [BEAUTY]

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Hey gang.  Once in a blue moon we dial up a few experts to help answer fashion and beauty questions.  This usually happens when a blemish or eleven surface or something else decides to ruin date night.

Summer’s over and your skin is all kinds of confused due to the change in weather (is it hot?  Is it cold? Should I be dry or greasy-gross?).  Well, thankfully the brilliant minds at The Spa at Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point, CA were kind enough to offer remedies for these types of issues.  Your skin car consultant will review your skin, looking for signs of aging, sensitivity, dehydration, and stress.  No need to answer questions, because their evaluation is spot-on (no pun intended).

The most important point I took away from this talk was to sever ties with St. Ives Apricot Scrub.  Better yet, use it to scrub your feetsies.  Why is it so bad?  And why have I been misinformed all these years?  Apparently the chopped-up apricots have jagged edges that scratch your body’s largest organ.  I cannot believe I missed the boat on this.  Instead, use products containing Jojoba beads, like Chella’s Exfoliating Cleanser Micro Bead Purifier (yes, I tried, and yes I see a difference). 

Use at least Face SPF 30 for the most optimum protection against the sun.

Extractions shouldn’t hurt and they shouldn’t leave a mark.  If you’ve left a mark, you’ve ruptured the pore.  Shame on you!  Just kidding…sort of.  If you’re doing it yourself at home, either steam your face or put a warm washcloth on beforehand to “losen up” the sebum.  Then, using your index finger and thumb, gently shift the poor with a squeeze, and the dirt is loosened enough to come out.

When you apply moisturizer, make sure your skin is damp.  The water acts as a vehicle, making the product more effective.

Tah dah!  Don’t you feel prettier already?