Sketch Gets Britney Pissed

Even though she was seething on the inside, Britney Spears managed to keep a smile on her face while she presented at the American Music Awards last night. A sketch about her soon-to-be ex-husband played out on stage, just minutes before she appeared as a guest announcer and she’s not happy about how it all went down. From TMZ:

E!’s Marc Malkin first reported Brit was upset, and now a rep for Brit tells TMZ, “She had no idea” that the skit would immediately precede her appearance. We’re told Britney was “incredibly upset” and “inconsolable.” The sketch featured AMA host Jimmy Kimmel sealing a Federline look-a-like in a wooden crate and shipping him out to sea. Kimmel called K-Fed,”the world’s first ever no-hit wonder.” Less than five minutes later, Kimmel introduced Spears as a surprise presenter. When contacted, a rep confirms to TMZ the idea for the skit was Kimmel’s and he went forward with it because, “I knew they wouldn’t mind because I know they both have great senses of humor.”

I might be more sympathetic if it hadn’t been so damn funny.

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Written by Lisa Timmons

(Splash News Online)