Skeletal Husband Annoyed His Past And Present Wives Are Sharing Magazine Cover

Marc Anthony is annoyed because People en Espanol put his ex-wife and his current wife on the cover together. Who cares? Well, J.Lo obviously does. If the ex looks better than her, she will be bullshit. She will splash expensive cosmetics on her dove white walls and screech that Marc fix this. NOW! These two are in a horrible movie together, and even worse – touring together. Remember that awards show mess they put on some time ago? Where they sang a beautiful love song in Spanish and wore like period costumes and shit? Can you imagine a night of that? Good lord.

Marc Anthony’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, and his ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, appear together on the cover of September’s People en Español – and he’s none too pleased about it. The two Latina lovelies, shown with actress Adamari Torres and singer Lucero, didn’t pose together, and the photo is a composite. But they’re all smiles and certainly look buddy-buddy for the feature on the best-dressed women in Hispanic culture. Our source says, “The current and the ex side by side? Marc’s camp is not happy.” Anthony’s rep didn’t respond, but a People flack said, “Marc has great taste in stylish women.”

Translation: Suck it, Marc. They knew what they were doing. Those are some crafty bitches over at People en Espanol. Let the controversy begin! Maybe this will distract from their terrible movie about a man I’ve never heard of. Hopefully this film will educate me.