SJP Has A Bun in The Oven?

September 15th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Rumors are flying that Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick are expecting baby number two. The Globe reports that a source in the couple’s inner circle has revealed that, “They’ve been keeping a lid on their happy news because the pregnancy is still in the early stages. But once she’s three months along, they plan to shout about it from the rooftops.”

Now, I heart me some Carrie Bradshaw and whatnot, but is it wrong to be happy that SJP’s pregnancy might be putting the brakes on her churning out yet another weak romantic comedy?

Is Sarah Jessica Parker Pregnant? (Starpulse)

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Written by Lisa Timmons

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jannre

    I am a big fan of SJP, and it would be great if shes pregnant, but I’ll believe it when she says it….the press seems to be obsessed with “bumps”.

  2. They should totes move to LA! That way they can have two babies and a DOG! Everyone in LA has a dawg, a car, and lots of coffee!

  3. JaneSays

    That would be too funny if she is. She and I were pregant at the same time when she had her son and we’d be preggo together again at the same time now.

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