Sir Ben Kingsley Up In A Troll’s Business

Grey Gardens 2007 gets some! There’s this new movie called “The Wackness” being filmed in NYC. It stars Sir Ben Kingsley, 61. He’s a very talented actor. Netflix “Sexy Beast” if you doubt me. Anyway, his co-star is a tiny woodland creature with large eyes, and mystical ways and lots of money and flowing black clothes named Mary-Kate Olsen. They make out in the movie. Hot.

Get ready to cringe during Sir Ben Kingsley’s new movie, “The Wackness,” in which the Oscar-winner, 63, passionately locks lips with tiny Mary-Kate Olsen, 21. Currently shooting in New York, the film directed by Jonathan Levine is about a drug dealer who trades marijuana for therapy sessions with his shrink, played by Kingsley. Insiders say the steamy scene with Olsen – described as a “full on make-out session” – was shot at a Greenpoint watering hole.

I feel a throbbing downstairs in my trousers. He might have old guy teeth taste, but imagine the cigarette and coffee breath coming out of her? Ugh. I’d have to throw her ass some Listerine. And she’s so tiny. He probably went in for the kiss and almost snapped her neck off it’s hinges. It’s ok, it would just regenerate and spring back up because she’s otherworldy.

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