O’Brien Bids Farewell To ‘Downton Abbey’ [PHOTOS]

Siobhan Finneran, who plays the oh-so-popular Sarah O’Brien on Downton Abbey, is taking her bangs and not coming back to the show.  Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror confirmed via Finnerarn’s rep that the Irish actress would not appear in the ITV’s show’s fourth season.

However, the door is being left open should O’Brien find herself begging for a job at the servants’ door.

“I’m not doing any more,” Finneran said today (March 1st).  “O’Brien is a thoroughly despicable human being – that was great to play.” 

O’Brien was responsible for Lady Cora’s miscarriage, foooled Thomas Barrow into thinking that Jimmy Kent fancied him, and helped to make Mr. Bates’ life a living hell.

Finneran will star next in BBC1’s The Syndicate.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast resumed shooting for season four today in Oxfordshire, England.  Dame Maggie Smith looked grief-stricken in a cemetery, where Matthew Crawley’s tombstone lay.