Single Prince Harry Is Partying Up A Storm In The States

Prince Harry Naked
Prince Harry sans clothing in Las Vegas.
Here’s what I’ve noticed about Prince Harry, whenever he’s single, he likes to take part in some serious United States partying.

He was single back when we got those naked photos of him in Las Vegas, and he’s single again now as he hit up Miami for a friend’s bachelor party. Hot Harry was spotted leaving the Soho Beach House today after a night of partying in honor of friend, Guy Pelly.

And what a night it was. 

Photographers caught the prince chatting up a brunette at the club, and while we don’t know exactly what was said between the two, they did look quite close. I didn’t know Harry liked brunettes. His last two serious ladies have been blonde. But we all know he’s looking for the next Kate Middleton, so maybe brunette is the way to go.

In which case, Harry, I’d like to point out once again that I am more than ready to marry you and take on royal duties. I’m such a giver. Maybe Prince William can help hook it up for Harry this weekend as they attend Guy’s wedding in Memphis. Also, how hungover do you think Harry is in these photos? Launch the gallery to try and let’s try to figure it out!