Singapore’s National Night: Watch A Parade, Have Sex, Make A Baby [VIDEO]

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While other parts of the world are trying to deal with overpopulation, Singapore needs its affluent inhabitants to start getting busy in the bedroom.  The Asian city-state is celebrating Independence Day today (August 9th) by encouraging every to make some poor decisions so that in nine months time, the population will increase, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mentos took the liberty of creating a sexually-charged song for the occasion, aptly titled “Make Love For Singapore.”  Yeah, it’s offensive, but it’s also really funny.  And hopefully it will work, given that “baby bonus” tax breaks and government-paid maternity leave for new moms isn’t doing the trick.

Tonight, residents will do their civic duty as part of “National Night” to battle the low birth-rate issue (ugh, first world problems!).  What about the immigrants, you ask?  They drain local resources and take jobs, according to NPR.  Boo, those whores.

“Let’s not watch fireworks, let’s make ‘em instead.” At least take the lady out to dinner first.

“I know you want it, so does the *SDU.” Well, if the government is authorizing it.

*Social Development Unit, a part of the Singapore government that helps singles get together.

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