Since The Hottest Men Are From Australia, Let’s Celebrate With These Hot Australian Actors

Hugh Jackman Shirtless
The actor enjoys a little time at the beach.
Thanks to an obviously incredibly scientific and very specific survey, the travel site MissTravel has found that the hottest men are from Australia.

Well, according to their costumers at least. But those folks aren’t wrong! And to prove that to you, we’ve wrangled up 15 of Australia’s hottest exports from Hugh Jackman to the Hemsworth brothers–seriously, Mama and Papa Hemsworth should get an award.

So, if Australia came in at number 1, what are the other hottest countries? 

Here is the full list:

1. Australian
2. Italian
3. British
4. Scottish
5. Spanish
6. American
7. Irish
8. Brazilian
9. Canadian
10. Dutch

I mean, sure. I’ll go with that list. Mostly cause it gives me an excuse to stare at hot guys. Launch the gallery to check out our 15 hot Australian picks. Got any of your own? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T The Frisky]