Jessica Simpson Swears By Sexy Webcam Shows

April 7th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Seems Jessica Simpson has been working hard to keep the flames of love burnin’ with quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo. The couple spend a lot of time apart because of their careers, but Jess is said to be using technology to keep her man’s attention.

According to Star Magazine, Jessica is known to get her webcam on for Tony – to show him her sexy dance moves.

A source said, ‘Jess has no problem showing Tony her favorite Pussycat Dolls routine. … She will dance in front of her camera until she makes her man happy. … She thinks it keeps the romance alive while they are far away from each other.’

Jessica better be careful. If Tony saves one of those dances on his computer, it won’t be long before someone else manages to get their hands on it.

Could there be a Jessica Simpson sex tape on the horizon? I doubt it.

But, I bet a video of her doing some Pussycat Dolls dancing would be YouTube gold.


13 more photos of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are after the jump.

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By Intern Traci

  1. jbonz

    Jessica Simpson is probably not a bad sort of person-probably as nice as the next. But she doesn’t have any talent or charisma or anything else that will ever make her a real star or artist of any kind.
    She needs to find herself a nice sober hardworking husband, get out from under that slimeball Jesus freakin’father of hers and retire in anonymity to some place like Scottsdale Arizona or Dearborn Michigan.

  2. lj

    This sounds made up by Papa Joe. Anything to get some attention.

  3. Mom

    WTF is wrong with her teeth? They look like candy corn.

  4. Yes, she need a nice husband now.

  5. Suz Elise

    Dear Jess’s people: Her Foundation Sucks. Go back to the old one.
    Her face looks like the color of plastic dolls.

  6. John1357

    Very nice site!

  7. mohamed

    wellcome all

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