Tony Romo Already Vacationing With Jessica Simpson’s Family

January 7th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Wow, he’s been ensnared. Must be the boobs. Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Jessica Simpson and her parents last week. I guess he’s not sore that her dumb ass is ruining his career. They arrived on Jan 3., and were spotted “rubbing each other’s butts” on the tarmac. Gross. Get a room. You know Papa Joe wanted his ass rubbed by Tony. Tony and Jessica stayed with her parents in a rented house, and left this past Sunday. You know she’s looking for husband #2, and she latched onto this sap because he’s worth millions and her career is in the can. Her most recent flick played in three theatres in Dallas, and went onto DVD. And word is that her next one will, too. And you can’t depend on Ashlee for money, because bitch found herself a golden ticket in Fall Out Gay and he didn’t get invited to Christmas so she’s out of there. So Jessica has probably been ordered to step it up by her Dad to insure the family can live the lifestyle that they are accustomed to. Unless she wants to film a sex tape. You know those are the options she was given by him.

Photos: Flynet Online

22 more photos of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo on vacation with friends and family in Cabo are after the jump.

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Photos: Flynet Online

By J. Harvey

  1. kellygrrrl

    Gawd, could she look any more like a retarded inbred hillbilly

  2. Dallas girl

    Wow, can you say bitter? Don’t think that the Jessica/Romo pairing is that huge. Lots of laughs at J’s expense, like Romo is some big oaf that can’t decide if she is decent. Give them a break! He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and could be that she actually is fun to be around and has a nice family. Don’t think her dad would be down with the sex tape – kinda not funny to put it that way!! get a life and get over being bitter – the Cowboys will be fine if Romo gets/keeps Jessica!

  3. SammySushi

    The way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach…Dion Sanders is right, Tony’s bottom heavy. Whew, looks like the guy has packed on a few pounds in the last month or so.

    Game this week w/ the Giants should be good. I think now the Giants may have a decent shot at beating the Cowgirls, esp. if Eli’s b@lls have truly dropped…he’s looked decent his last 2 games.

  4. sugarballerina

    I don’t doubt that they were on a vacay together. But, there isn’t a single picture here that has Romo in it. The guy that she is photographed with as the main picture is NOT Romo. Romo isn’t that big of a guy…that guy looks a little more like Jason Witten the Tight End for the Cowboys.

  5. jo

    yes, that’s Jason Witten. No romo here, but there are other shots with him in them – he was there.

    Her movie did play here in Dallas, but only at the half price theater. I couldn’t believe it when i saw it listed.

  6. Holy Mother of Teeth

    Holy sh*t, are those Jessica’s blindingly white teeth glowing at 100 paces??

  7. xhot

    Every ones needs some one to love but nothing good can come from this. We all know that Jessica Simpson is a party girl. We all seen what has happen to Tony at the game when Jessica was there. He has not been playing at his best. He needs to leave Jessica at home until the football is over. Football is Tony’s life, That is his JOB, you don’t take your girl to work. Leave her at home and do your JOB!!! EARN YOUR MONEY TONY ROMA PLAY FOOTBALL NOT FOOTSIES

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  8. Boss

    Are you all even aware that not a single picture of Tony Romo is on your page. The pictures you have of the big guy wearing the white tee shirt and tan shorts is JASON WITTEN. Jason Witten and his wife went with Romo and J Simpson to Cabo San Lucas. Either way, I’m a die hard Cowboys fan and having our quarterback do this while Tom Brady and Peyton Manning trained in their cities really pisses me off. Especially after that embarrassing loss when she was in the luxury box at Texas Stadium. WHO WAS DATING YOU TWO YEARS AGO ROMO WHEN YOU WERE THIRD STRING? REMEMBER THAT ROMO. TEXAS LOVES YOU, BUT WE ARE OVERDUE FOR A SUPER BOWL AND YOU ARE BLOWING IT!

  9. Shane

    id shag her sideways

  10. anne

    I think it is very ridiculous that this article is criticizing Jessica and accusing her of attaching herself to Mr. Romo for money Jessica’s net worth is actually more than her pro boyfriend due to her clothing and footwear line, she is a successful woman who is happy and in love who are those with backwoods jour degrees to judge that. Please put your degree to work and get a job at a reputable site. This is babble!!!

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