Simon Monjack Secrets Come Out

Simon Monjack always creeped me out…now new details have emerged after his death that cast a even creepier light on the late Brittany Murphy’s husband, who also died suddenly five months after her. The families of the two recently went through Monjack’s computer and uncovered some strange information.

Monjack had fathered two children whose mothers were hounding him for money. Did Brittany (pictured with Monjack at the 2007 Award of Hope Galal in Los Angeles, California on Sept. 6, 2007) have any idea about this?! There were also some other strange money dealings, with records of Monjack sending many, many wire transfers of as much as $48,000 in a single transfer. The money was going to various lawyers as well as someone in Europe as part of a settlement.

Honestly, weird…