Simon Cowell On Clay Aiken Gay Sex Scandal

March 20th, 2006 // 26 Comments

Of all people, Larry King is the first person to ask Simon Cowell what he thinks about the Clay Aiken gay rumors and “scandal.” For the first time Simon isn’t blunt and straightforward.

KING: What about Clay Aiken and the possible lawsuits?

S. COWELL: Well I heard about this. I mean what are they saying that he…

KING: Came on with somebody.

S. COWELL: You hear all the rumors, whatever. Then you hear the lawsuits are that you pretended to be straight or something. I mean it’s just crazy, you know.

KING: It don’t matter to you?

S. COWELL: It doesn’t matter, no. I mean what do I care?

He pretty much skirts around the topic. I just find it odd that when he has an opinion about everything else, this is the one thing that he doesn’t have an opinion about.

Interview with Simon Cowell [CNN]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sup

    first!! woho… clay aiken is gay.. blah.. and simon did sort of hint on Leno’s show that Ryan Seacrest is gay.. why wouldn’t he talk about Gayken? Maybe he has been sneaking into Gayken’s hotel rooms lately…. that explains it.

  2. Tansy

    Well, it’s because Simon’s not looking for a lawsuit. Yeah, I’m sure he thinks Clay is gay, but a. why would he care, and b. want to come out and say it on Larry King with no proof…that’s called libel, and why take the risk?

  3. katie

    I find it so funny that all of these people think coming out is so bad. This day in age, it’s really remarkable.

    Just be who you are and if people don’t like it, screw ‘em. Exhausting.

  4. lylelyle

    Why wouldn’t Cowell come right out and “out” the Gayken? Because not only is he smart and shrewd; but he only seems to give his opinion when he is paid to do just that…If anyone can remember when Clay was a contestant; then they’ll remember how Simon used to criticize Clay for singing so “over the top” and so “Broadway” Simon knows Clay is gay!!! He has seen him on television AND met him in person. Clay is a classic “self loathing homosexual” made even more so by coming in 2nd place on AI and trying to make it in the music business while being such a nelly queen. Simon is right on not making a specific comment about Miss Clay Aiken, or (as we Kathy Griffin fans must refer to him) the Gayken.

  5. las

    If Clay weren’t gay, Simon would laugh and make some witty to-the-point remark. I can’t even remember him showing platonic liking for a girl!

    Clay should just come out and get the pain over with. Otherwise he’s just going to drag it out, spawn countless more rumours and make himself even MORE miserable.

  6. danny

    um in any event, go gayken…you tagged some pretty hot ass. and also, who knew clay was a dom top? i picture him the nelly powerbottom to ryan seacrests verbal filthy popper sniffin booty queen.

  7. lynn

    Simon’s a smart guy… He probably gets a cut of the American Idols’ record sales, and coming out would hurt Clay’s….

  8. Sam

    Dude, so the guy’s gay. So f-in what. Learn some progressive thoughts and move on with your life. Sheesh. Who gives a crap. Live and let live.

  9. bestdress

    Well I always thought Clay and Kimberly Locke had something going on…

  10. christi

    Thats because Simon is gay as well, he may have a girlfriend but she is just a cover. Where has she been lately? It’s true..and Ryan Seacrest is the def. gay…but that one is too obvious. Simon comments on everything with no problem, why now start shying away from subjects, becuse he would be commenting on himself.

  11. gossipmom

    What bothers me about staying in the
    closet is that everybody else has to lie
    for you too!!

  12. C

    bestdress, good point you make about Kimberly Locke. She and he were roomates (and probably still are) so she would be the best person to ask about his gay rumors. I’m sure she is fully aware of his “activities.”

    Clay should just come out. He’d be a lot happier if he did.

  13. my2cents

    I always thought he was anyway…..I don’t know what the big deal is…..why hide it? Then when it does become public knowledge, it’s like they were ashamed to admit it.

  14. Blah

    Clay Aiken is the Manilow of our time. Everybody figures Manilow is gay, but nobody gives him a hard time about it (or about his half-assed attempts to closet over the years). It should be the same with Clay. Let’s just enjoy his music. I personally don’t give a hoot about his sex life (he’s a bit too fugly for my tastes anyway.)

  15. Blah

    Christie, I don’t think Simon is gay. The reason he isn’t married or more attached is… well would YOU put up with that mouth?

  16. Biographer

    It amazes me how people will comment on things and people they know nothing about. Yes, Kim L. and CA roomed together after the Idol tour for 10 mos. to save money. Each beginning new careers, they were rarely there together, according to their interviews (Clay toured three times that year). In Sept. of 04, they each purchased homes. Kim subsequently became engaged to her long time sweetheart. Clay purchased a home in Chadsworth, Ca., but then put it on the market six mos. later in March/April, 05, and returned back to NC, where he built a new home.

    Clay does at least two tours a year. His upcoming summer tour to promote his sophomore CD will be #7. He has earned his management more than $30 million touring…the highest of all the Idols.

    Until last year, Clay was proclaimed to be the most successful “Idol” to date; his triple platinum debut MOAM sold more than any of the others and he wasn’t even the winner. Last year’s winner, Carrie Underwood, is on track to break Clay’s record. Clay’s sophomore album, scheduled for release in May, 05, was postponed for a year, while Kelly released her successful sophomore album, ultimately earning her two Grammys and the distinction of the highest selling Idol to date. Clay’s sophomore album is scheduled for release in June, according to Billboard.

    Simon and Terry Seymour are still together. She was seen during the behind the scenes of “Invention.”

  17. Legal Aid

    Let’s be very clear…there are no lawsuits!! But there is a ruthless campaign afoot to smear and destroy a decent young man.

    An online complaint was filed with the FTC, which anyone may do. The self-proclaimed ex-Clay fans (which is doubtful), can’t find an attorney willing to take their ridiculous, frivilous case. There is no case! The complaint was only filed in an attempt to bring further attention to the gay-sex-scandal in hopes it would gain the attention of mainstream media. It isn’t working because there is no there, there!

    Shame on Larry King for resorting to tabloid gossip and rumors and reporting it as if it’s legitimate news!

  18. Blah

    Thanks for clearing that up, Simon.

    By the way… you’re scorchin’ hot!

  19. Rumor

    I think that if Clay would have acknowledged being gay in the beginning and conducted himself as a gay man with class, he would still have a huge following. He has a good, strong, male voice. What turns a lot of viewers off about homosexual men is when they are openly flamboyant and effeminate.

    Clay is a tremendous talent. I love his songs. The media can be so cruel. You know the gay media watches him like a hawk. They just can’t wait to “out” him. What a difficult thing to go through at his age.

  20. Rumor

    Thanks for the info Biographer. Do you know if Simon’s girlfriend is black? A co-worker told me she was. No big deal, just curious. Anyone?

  21. Blah

    I think they showed her tonight on AI, and she does give the appearance of being multiracial.

    By the way, Simon’s top three were wrong on at least two of three counts.

  22. Biographer

    Rumor – To my knowledge, no Terri is not AA. She is, in fact, very British. Google her name and you’ll find many photos of her.

    Also, Rumor, I believe you are correct, but isn’t it just as possible that Clay might not be gay, that’s why he never acknowledged it from the beginning? Since he didn’t win Idol, he did wrestle with the decision of giving up his teaching career in lieu of pursuing singing, although he did succeed in graduating. Singing was always a hobby for him; he never meant it as a career. Teaching is his first love. Let’s not forget that Clay has always denied that he is gay and in an interview last August he said continuous questions and rumors regarding his sexuality were “insulting.”

    If all of that were a lie, then Clay would have more troubles than just a tabloid story and a phony FTC complaint. But considering the fact that these rumors have persisted for 3 yrs., do you realize that John Paulus is the only human, male or female, to ever claim to have sex with Clay? It makes you wonder if there’s any truth to the rumors, since he purportedly has been trolling for sex for the past 8 years.

  23. Blah

    Yeah, remember only three short years ago, Clay Aiken was a very young, very geeky guy (he gives Chicken Little a run for his money as ‘nerdiest AI contestant ever’) who likely had no sex life whatsoever (apologies to Clay if I’m mistaken about that).

    How much has changed in three years? Some men would take advantage of being a sudden celebrity to go out and sow as many wild oats as possible – others, especially those as busy as Clay has been, wouldn’t get over their intrinsic shyness and vulnerability in that short a period of time.

    Or maybe he’s just a very private person. Whatever.

  24. Rumor

    I’ll admit that Clay has never struck me as being a straight man. When he was asked about relationships on TV, he skirted the issue, saying something about not having time, etc. Then he discussed his problems with his real father. I fell for the stereotypes. I was like, “So, he’s gay.”

    I assumed he would hide being gay since he was competing to be the “American Idol.” A lot of Americans did not want a gay American idol. I once asked a co-worker of mine what he thought about Clay. He said he didn’t want that gay guy winning. He was rooting for Ruben.

    Clay is now a 28-year-old grown man. He has to have some needs. He should be dating someone, don’t you think? Clay looks a little nerdy, but I find it hard to believe he’s super shy and awkward. He came on national TV and sang his heart out. I’ve also seen him on other shows and he’s so natural and relaxed in front of the camera. He’s a fantastic performer. In fact, I want to see him perform at the Grammys, maybe in a duet with another fabulous female singer.

    It’s just sad that people want to hurt him, calling him names like Gayken. How rude and insensitive Kathy Griffin is. He might get so disgusted until he gives up on fame, and that would be a crying shame. With a sea of so-so performers and singers, we need talent like his.

  25. Blah

    I think it’s a sad commentary if people are rooting against AI contestants because they think they might be gay, given the massive contribution gays/lesbians make to our collective cultural life.

    Just because Clay is famous, though, doesn’t mean he has to be dating someone. The life of a performer has to be tough, and how difficult must it be to find a partner and build a committed relationship while constantly traveling? Anyone that you’d want probably has a job he or she has to go to. Or… you hook up with someone who is already traveling with you – and you marry Kevin Federline! LOL

    I hope Clay – regardless of orientation – keeps giving us great music for many years to come.

  26. clayaikenforever


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