Simon Cowell On Clay Aiken Gay Sex Scandal

Of all people, Larry King is the first person to ask Simon Cowell what he thinks about the Clay Aiken gay rumors and “scandal.” For the first time Simon isn’t blunt and straightforward.

KING: What about Clay Aiken and the possible lawsuits?

S. COWELL: Well I heard about this. I mean what are they saying that he…

KING: Came on with somebody.

S. COWELL: You hear all the rumors, whatever. Then you hear the lawsuits are that you pretended to be straight or something. I mean it’s just crazy, you know.

KING: It don’t matter to you?

S. COWELL: It doesn’t matter, no. I mean what do I care?

He pretty much skirts around the topic. I just find it odd that when he has an opinion about everything else, this is the one thing that he doesn’t have an opinion about.

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