Simon Cowell is Happy, Not Engaged

Debating if I should’ve done a play on words and said “Simon Cowell is Happily Not Engaged” instead, but according to his rep, Max Clifford, Simon Cowell is happy with girlfriend, Mezhgan Hussainy, but not engaged.

“They have known each other for years,” Clifford told People. “They’ve actually been
going out together for the last year. She knows him, she’s been around
him. So, she knows the person he is, and he knows the person she is.
That’s why it works so well.”
Well duh. This guy should be a relationship counselor. His rationalization is so prolific.

Anyway, back to Cowell. Clifford said he wouldn’t be surprised if the soon-to-be former “American Idol” judge did pop the question this year. But for now, they’re not engaged, but they seem happy chatting it up with photographers while out for a walk in his Beverly Hills neighborhood last Friday.

Clifford adds that he spoke to Cowell’s mother over the weekend, and she also denied that Simon was engaged.

What mama says, go.