Simon Cowell Doesn’t Think Howard Stern Is Good Looking

Simon Cowell made some comments to reporters that could have been directed against his rumored replacement Howard Stern

“You have to be good looking,” said the American Idol judge and producer.  “I would say someone who has had managerial experience is always helpful.”

In another comment that could also be considered an opinion about new judge Ellen Degeneres he said” I’m starting to realize with these shows you have to put people on that actually know what they’re talking about.  Rather than guessing, they really have to have experience, so that you cannot just criticize – you can offer constructive advice as well.” Has Cowell ever offered constructive advice?

Ultimately Cowell, who has never been shy at offering his opinion said “[Stern] doesn’t seem to fit any of the criteria.  He played records. Maybe that’s a good qualification.” What about the Neil Patrick Harris suggestion? Cutie and there was a musical episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Here’s Cowell with his rumored fiance Mezhgan Hussainly in West Hollywood yesterday.