Simon Cowell Demands His Girls Get Nastier

Simon Cowell is ready to take X Factor to the the next level, and that means it’s time to get brutal. The infamously mean judge wants his two ladies Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue to toughen up and stop babying their acts.

“Simon believes they are nervous to say what they really think in case
fans think they are being too mean,” a source says of the judges, pictured June 23 arriving at X Factor auditions in London. “They hate being booed but Simon
reckons they need to grow thicker skins.” We all know Simon certainly doesn’t mind being the villain.

The source also added, “‘He’s never scared to criticize his own acts. He wants the other judges to do the same and stop holding back.”

How’s he going to shape them up exactly? For one, cutting back on their grooming time! Apparently, Simon thinks the ladies treat the show like a runway…so that means less time in the dressing room, more time bitching out on contestants!