Simon Cowell’s Rad

Now that I’m recapping American Idol, I find myself appreciating Simon Cowell more and more. I admire his honesty and the obvious relish he takes in verbally eviscerating wannabe pop stars. When they visibly wince and recoil at his words, it elevates my viewing experience. I can’t get behind the sweater nipples, but I give him an ‘A’ for his bitchcraft.

Simon isn’t just a celebrity grouch, he’s an angel sent straight down from heaven. Randy and Amy Stoen are a couple from Minnesota who were on Oprah’s show, discussing their daughter Madelaine. Madelaine has a rare form of facial cancer which is very aggressive. A family friend alerted Simon to this and he paid off their mortgage.

That’s hot. We need more of that. Dig deep, Paula. You too, Seacrest, you big queen. Simon went on Oprah with them to make his announcement.

“I know that you’re having problems with your mortgage. And as of this afternoon, your mortgage has been paid off,” he said. “If there’s any problems, you know, I’m a guardian angel now,” he told them. The couple only reportedly went on to call attention to their daughter’s illness and to help other parents out. And now their house is paid off!

You would think I would crumple up and die by writing something uplifting and positive, but surprisingly no! Go Simon!


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