Simon Baker and Family Vacation in the South of France

Damn, that is one lucky woman! Simon Baker and his wife of twelve years, Rebecca Rigg, shared a romantic moment in the South of France this week.
Is it just me, or is Simon Baker extremely sexy? Sure, he happens to be twenty years older than me (which would make him 40 if anyone is keeping track), and his body could use a little work, but something about him is extremely appealing–especially when he pops on a well-fitted suit or some hipster glasses. Ever since he played Anne Hathaway’s love-interest in The Devil Wears Prada, Simon has had a special place in my heart.
Baker was in France to promote his show The Mentalist at the Monte Carlo Television Festival and was accompanied by his daughter Stella Breeze, and sons Claude Blue, and Harry Friday.
Fun Fact: Nicole Kidman is Harry’s godmother and Naomi Watts is the godmother of Claude. I’d feel pretty jipped if I was Stella!