Simon Konecki Could Make Pregnant Adele A Mrs. Very Soon

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Adele is just the luckiest girl in the world right now.

The Grammy award winning singer is know for her songs about heartbreak and bad relationships, but it seems she’s finally found a fabulous one with Simon Konecki.

After announcing on Friday that she and Simon are expecting their first child, Us Weekly reports that Simon is looking to propose very soon. According to their sources, he was looking to propose even before Adele became pregnant. Any word on how Adele would feel about a proposal just now?

According to one of her friends, all Adele really wants is to be a wife and mother so she is very exciting about the possibility of marriage soon. We’re still not sure when Simon is going to propose, but it better be an amazing proposal.

Also, what’s Adele going to write songs about now that her life is pretty awesome with a baby and husband?

Check out the photos of the happy couple from back in April in the gallery. Since she’s about four months along, she must have known then. Look, she’s got the glow!