Simon Cowell Takes A Ciggy Break, Holds His Breath For ‘The X-Factor’

Resplendent in his snug v-neck sweater and flared jeans, Simon Cowell puffed proudly on a ciggy butt outside NBC Studios in New York City.

Cowell has recently backtracked on a statement he so boldly made before his baby, The X-Factor premiered in September.  Cowell told one media out that anything under 20 million viewers for the premiere would be a “disappointment,” but later backtracked when the ratings were quite what he had hoped.   “I wasn’t saying I want 20 million for the first episode. I was saying we want to hit 20 million,” Cowell told Access Hollywood (via the Washington Post).

I’ve been tuning in half-heartedly since the debut, wishing that Cowell had kept Cheryl Cole as a judge; Nicole Scherzinger is insufferably full of her self.  And if Cowell wants me to continue to watch, I’m going to need Steve Jones on the air more often.


Looking forward to boot camp, good sir…