Simon Cowell on ‘Glee’: “It Just Works” [VIDEO]

Simon Cowell is probably kicking himself for not thinking of Glee first.  But like a good sport, Cowell gave props to the cast, acknowledging that they changed the rules of what makes a hit.  Our favorite high school outcasts combined the right amount of talent and originality to become the biggest pop stars in the world.  Cowell took much of his inspiration for this Fall’s X Factor from New Directions, breaking barriers like age and other rules that get in the way of actual talent (like some other competitions we know).

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There has been much talk about who is judging on the much-anticipated U.S. edition of X-Factor on Fox, a hit in the U.K (Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle have it to thank for their fame).  Cowell is enlisting the help of confirmed judge L.A. Reid to decide who should fill the remaining seats.  Jessica Simpson? Mariah Carey Nikki Minaj?  Cowell won’t divulge who he’ll select, but one this is for certain: Taylor Momsen will not host.  Cowell told Celebuzz that Jenny Humphrey is not being considered: “Who? I don’t know who that is. Unless there’s something someone’s not telling me. But no, as far as I know, she is not being considered.”

Check out what Cowell has to say about Glee after the jump.