Simon Cowell And Company Celebrate At ‘The X-Factor’ Premiere In Hollywood

‘Twas a big deal last night (September 14th) at the Arclight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, where the US version of The X-Factor premiered.  Judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Cowell and LA Reid were happy to greet fans, while host Steve Jones is officially our new crush.  The Welsh gent found himself compared to American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest during the Q&A session inside, and Jones took offense to one contestant’s criticism.  “He said I wear too much makeup, and I’m nothing but a stretched Ryan Seacrest,” Jones recalled the jilted Yank saying, according to Entertainment Weekly.  We still love you.

Scherzinger, wearing a floor-length Randi Rahm embellished gown with Jimmy Choo heels and a Loree Rodkin ring, seemed right at home on the red carpet.  Eh, we miss Cheryl Cole, even though we hardly knew anything about her.  Don’t forget that you once auditioned for Pop Stars on the WB, Scherzinger.  Don’t get too big for your britches.

PHOTOS: Helloooooooo Steve Jones

Cowell told the audience that Scherzinger and Abdul didn’t want any pretty girls on the show.  “I’m going to let you into a little show secret.  When some girls came to audition— if they were too attractive they were known as D.O.A. In other words, dead on arrival…Nicole was Sylvester the cat, and Paula became Tom from Tom and Jerry. We had to fight, me and L.A., to keep the attractive girls in the competition, because Sylvester and Tom didn’t want them in the competition… Watch the tape.”

The X-Factor premieres Tuesday, September 21st on Fox.