Simon Baker Squeezing $30 Million For New Television Deal

According to, The Mentalist star Simon Baker is finalizing a new deal with the series producer Warner Bros Television that would net him more than $30 million for his services on the CBS drama, including money he is currently paid.

Shit, I haven’t even heard of this show. But apparently it began running in 2008 and averages 16 million viewers, which is pretty decent. As part of his deal, Baker will also get a producer credit on the show beginning in Season 5…

In the show, Baker stars as Patrick Jane, an unorthodox consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation, ranks as one of most DVR-ed programs on TV, regularly adding some 3 million extra viewers from playback viewing.

It’s still so bizarre to me how they figure in DVR viewers as part of ratings, but I guess that’s the time we’re living in, right? Has anyone seen this show? Is it worth watching?