Sienna Miller’s Legs Get Rave Broadway Reviews

British import, Sienna Miller, has been receiving praise for her turn in After Miss Julie on the Broadway stage. But it wasn’t her acting skills that earned her highest compliments.

New York Times critic Ben Brantley limits his praise to the Factory Girl star’s “good diction, good posture and great legs. Commendable as these attributes are, they are of limited use…”

In addition, an Associated Press review describes Miller’s “trim figure wrapped in a pert floral print dress that shows off her great legs.” To be fair, John Simon of Bloomberg News says Sienna is “convincing enough in the title role, managing superciliousness and condescension, lust and humiliation, with unassailable proficiency.”

I’m sure that as long as no one is dying in the front row, Sienna’s a happy camper.

Gallery Info: Sienna Miller at the opening night after-party of After Miss Julie.