Sienna Miller’s Father Threatens To Kill Jude Law

Father’s are always so overprotective.

Mr. Miller said to The Sun of his potential son in law: “He did a lot of hard work, trying to figure out who he was. And I told him if he did anything like this again, I’d kill him.”

Sienna herself has revealed that Jude was “just too close to cut out of my life, he’s my best friend.”

Jude was forced to publicly come clean about his affair with his children’s nanny Daisy Wright earlier this year.

However, his infidelity hasn’t seemed to have fazed Sienna, she said: “I’m part of a huge majority of people that have experienced infidelity in a relationship. I’m not the first person and I won’t be the last.

I’m sure he didn’t mean it literally. Now only if Jude Law’s father would make the same claim about Sienna, maybe we’d have something.

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