Sienna Miller Teams Up With Esquire For Charity Bash

Sienna Miller is the newest ambassador for International Medical Corps and has teamed up with Esquire magazine to throw a party for charity at the infamous Hollywood Hills bachelor pad, which was designed in part by the likes of Lufthansa, Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo and Heineken.

Miller recruited her celebrity friends to help host the event. Supporters included Jude Law, Keira Knightley, Claire Danes and Emily Blunt, among others.

According to Global Shift, the International Medical Corps is a non profit organization that, “delivers health care services to areas in crisis. It has worked in 50
countries including Sudan, Rwanda, Haiti and Pakistan. Sienna Miller has
joined the Corps at their health clinics in Haiti and the Democratic
Republic of Congo to publicize their services.”

“After seeing International Medical Corps’ courageous work up close I
was determined to become more involved,” Miller said.
“These people work in the toughest conditions imaginable, saving lives
every single day, and bringing self-reliance and hope to the world’s
most vulnerable people. I am honored to be their ambassador.”

Seen here at the Grand Opening of Esquire House LA to benefit International Medical
in Los Angeles, California on October 15th, Sienna Miller spends the evening with friends raising awareness about IMC.