Sienna Miller Seeks Comfort In Orlando Bloom

July 26th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Well that didn’t take long. Sienna Miller’s engagement to Jude Law does seem to be over. Ms. Miller was seen chatting up and flirting with Orlando Bloom at a recent polo tournament.

Sienna, 23, whom love-cheat Jude believes has now dumped him, knelt alongside Orlando, rested her head on his shoulder and gazed up at him endearingly. And she put her arm around the Lord of the Rings hero, 28, as she whispered to him. The couple also held hands as they chatted intimately. The New York-born actress even sat in his lap before they swapped numbers and arranged to see each other again.

She further appeared to confirm her two-year relationship with Jude was over as she spoke to one sympathetic guest. When the person told her: “Jude’s a c**k”, she smiled and agreed: “I know.”

“But no-one could believe their eyes when she sat on his lap. It was surprising. “They talked for ages but Sienna jumped off his lap pretty sharpish as she could feel everyone staring at them. She gave him her number and they arranged to meet again, away from prying eyes. “She then left with her friends but looked sad to be going. She kept turning around to say goodbye to him.”

The two are said to be old friends, but I don’t think that Kate Bosworth will be too happy about this. She’s said to have a jealous streak.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ella

    OH HELL NO…i did feel sorry for the skanky bitch (by skanky i do mean beautiful), but she needs to get off Kate’s man!

  2. lizzz

    I agree!!Just say NO to the rebounding skank, Orlando! Kate seems so nice

  3. doofus

    oy…I, too, was feeling sorry for her, but if she’s going to do EXACTLY what the nanny did and cheat with a man that she KNOWS is “taken”, my sympathy goes out the window.

    and if he IS taken, then my (already minimal) respect for Orlando Bloom is also out the window.

  4. ma

    yes but supposedly they are broken up (kate and orlando). Anyway…i heard she’s a coke whore (sienna) and she did cheat on Jude with Sean penn.

  5. J

    Yeah… supposedly Kate and Orlando broke up after he finished Troy.

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