Sienna Miller Running Half-Way House for Marooned Actors


The most recent rumor about Sienna Miller’s love-life is that she’s now hooking up with Welsh actor, Rhys Ifans. She claims that she’s simply been playing hostess to Rhys, who was left stranded after his houseboat in north London flooded. However, paparazzi spotted the two in three different instances appearing very chummy with one another. Sienna’s pissed that everyone’s jumping to conclusions, after the two were seen vacationing together on the island of Ibiza in Spain. From the Daily Mail:

“Rhys and I are just friends, we’ve known each other for years, we are definitely not sleeping together.

“He’s crashing on my couch because his boat is flooded and I’m being the good samaritan and providing him with a roof over his head.”

Reportedly, Rhys is crazy over his girlfriend of several months, model Iris Palmer. Hmm…if I were Rhys, I would have thought of a better option than to crash with my friend, Sienna, if I really were serious about that other chick. Not that anything is necessarily going on, but this girl is like kryptonite to relationships.