Sienna Miller And Rhys Ifans Aren’t Engaged, But Are High As Kites

Sienna Miller
tells Elle UK magazine in their July issue that she is totally in love with boyfriend Rhys Ifans. She denies rumors of engagement but she does basically admit that these two are smoking everything in sight. These two probably shaved the cat down and blazed up on the collected fur when they were out of bud.

“[Rhys] is the best cook ever,” Sienna explained. “His cooking completely reflects his personality; he does these mad, quirky dishes that taste completely wonderful, like carrots poached in mandarin juice.”

She goes on to detail what they enjoy eating, which includes “chicken and stuffing sandwiches; milk chocolate with salt-and-vinegar [potato chips], in the mouth at the same time – you just have to try it – and French fries dipped in [a] chocolate milkshake.” Weedy! I thought it was bad when I was calling the Chinese food place eight times in five minutes to find out where my food was. Imagine these two stoned and stumbling around the supermarket at Harrod’s?

Sienna says that the engagement rumors are false, despite their love, and “awkward.”

“It’s so embarrassing when these stories come out and your relationship has been somehow fast-forwarded. We both had our mums on the phone. It’s just awkward. But I’m so happy with our relationship as it is.”

When they split up, because she’s real loose, who gets their weedman in the breakup?

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN