Sienna Miller Really Doesn’t Like Having Her Picture Taken

August 18th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Such a sourpuss, that Sienna Miller. At least she wasn’t driven to tears this time around.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. say what?

    egad…what is she, 26?

    she looks SO haggard in these pics…

  2. avionne

    What’s with the mean face Sienna??…You can’t still be upset about being the other woman.

  3. Lori Joyce

    Sienna LOVES having her picture taken. She probably called the paps and told them where she was going to be.

  4. Myself

    All I can say is HOMEWRECKER!

  5. stargazer.2u

    Jeesh! No shame in her game, eh? Pathetic!!

  6. sheryl

    The paps should start ignoring her…I bet the fear of that happening wakes her up at night with cold chills!

  7. Kath

    Sadie Frost was together with Jude Law 8 years, married six. They had two toddlers and one baby. Enter Sienna Miller, in 3 months, Sadie Frost single with three small children and on antidepressants.

    Jude Law and Sadie Frost were THE IT couple in Britain for years, although not known in the US.

    Sadie had the nreve to play the injured party when Jude left her for the nanny. Karma?

    Now Sienna is breaking up another couple with three childen, one a baby.


  8. ms.conception

    Does anyone remember when Alfie came out and Sienna was the IT girl for fashion? There were spreads in mags about her great fashion sense! I think I just saw girlfriend’s outfit on one of the Midwest Moms at the school today! HA!

  9. Eva

    Sadie Frost should’ve beaten the shit out of this HOMEWRECKING SLUT years ago!!!!! I’m glad she got to have a taste of her own medicine with the nanny though… But apparently this whore doesn’t have any feelings cause she’s broken a marriage again!
    I hope she reads this and realizes that women all over the world hate her ass!!

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