Sienna Miller Proves You Can Marry Jude Law Without Trusting Him

Jude Law apparently got all his dalliances out of his system and Sienna Miller is ready to tie the knot with him. Silly mare.

The couple are reported to tie the knot this summer in France. But lest we all recall, they’ve been engaged before right up until Jude slept with his children’s nanny. What a catch! He and Miller have been together since last October and are seen below after enjoying a night at the theatre.

Sienna has been spotted walking around Vaudelnay in the Loire Valley, where Jude’s parents live, holding a “wedding file”.

However, Jude’s ex-wife Sadie Frost — the mother of three of his children, Rafferty, Iris and Rudy — is said to be angry about their plans, because Sienna is making arrangements for the children to be part of the ceremony. Now, obviously Sadie won’t be invited but I feel they need to make amends and work that shit out for the kids.

Has everyone reset their “Jude Law Illegitimate Child” clock? Go!