Sienna Miller Nanny Quote Of The Day

January 13th, 2006 // 21 Comments

“I’m quite looking forward to the day when our paths will cross, which I know they will,” says Miller, 24, of Wright in February’s Interview magazine. “She better live in fear.”

(Source: People)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. fizzix

    She’d better live in fear of getting bunions from wearing too many pointy shoes.

  2. anno

    Oh sure, like it’s the nanny’s fault her fiance can’t keep his twig out of the forrest!

  3. Lisa

    Should she be in fear of being sliced up by Sienna’s hipbones? Or that Sienna will have ANOTHER public tantrum and curse and swear at her? Because, um, I’m gonna say someone who weighs 100lbs isn’t capable of beating someone up.

  4. emily

    Are her boobies real?

  5. Fugly Girl

    Well put Anno, you read my mind. Can this turd just go away?

  6. tocutetoscoot

    Sienna Miller is too much of a pussy to even talk shit to that nanny! Plus, her man is the one who instigated that situation.

    She is a lap dog! An and unstylish one at that!

  7. KittyLiterati

    You guys obviously don’t know how lethal Sienna is.
    She’s part of a gang of street bulimics who can summon forth projectile vomit consisting of various body fluids and last night’s dinner from Nobu with deadly accuracy. Daisy will never see it coming.
    Quiver at her wrath, for the fury of the binge and purge will scurge all ye cheating nannies.

  8. Wendy

    Who is she anyway? She looks like a regular girl? Why is she famous? Her and Elizbeth Hurley are so regualr!

  9. doofus

    kitty…you funny!

    seriously, how can that little pip squeak think she could kick anyone’s ass? judging by the pictures of that nanny I saw, she’s probably got about 30-40 pounds on Sienna.

    and although the nanny knew Jude was “taken” at the time, Sienna seems to now be overlooking Jude’s role in this. if she’s “forgiven” Jude (as it seems she has) then she should just FORGET about the nanny. she doesn’t have to be bestfriendsforever with her, but she shouldn’t be so preoccupied with when “their paths will cross”. this quote clearly shows that she’s not over the betrayal. if she were, she wouldn’t give two sh*ts about the nanny.

    I give Sienna and Jude another 6 months. they sure as sh*t aren’t going to get married.

  10. Jenrah

    Okay, I hate when woman attack each other when it was clearly that slutpuppy, Jude Law’s fault all of this happened in the first place. Hello, why don’t you attack his ass instead! Stupid brits, Sienna is a bloody cunt!

  11. Silasdog

    Hollywood Hooker!

  12. Pepper

    Sienna is such a useless shitbag. Honestly, the NERVE of her threatening someone else when SHE is the one who doesn’t have the gonads to say goodbye to Jude for good. He’ll do it again and when he does she’ll have no one to blame the pain on but herself. Sienna deserves everything she gets for being so tragically stupid.

  13. Uhm, Yeah

    She’s incredibly stupid. And cowardly.

  14. ev

    and isn’t she the one who jude cheated with when he was married?? Hypocrite!

  15. Tanstar

    What a friggin’ twit… Nanny would snap her ass in two in a mere matter of “nanny-o”-seconds. God this bitch is a moron.

  16. Anni

    Well I’m a Brit and I can tell you that she’s no more liked in Britain than she is in the US. She’s only got in the public eye because of dating ‘Judith’ ‘I am hung like a button mushroom’ Law. The bloke is such a wimp it’s unreal. Sienna Miller couldn’t punch her way out of a paper bag and in a face to face confrontation I’d put my money on the nanny any day of the week. All this says to me is that dear old Judith has managed to convince Sienna that he was blameless and that it was that nasty nanny seducing him! Get a grip on reality Sienna. You’re a talentless,struggling actress who thought she’d hitched her wagon to a star. Pity it was a shooting star that crashed and burned in every other woman except you.

  17. Verity

    I had no idea Sienna had such a hot body! Even if she is a dick…

  18. the nanny stole your man

    Yeah, so the Nanny just FORCED him huh? Wasn’t Jude the one whose toddler was taken to the hospital for accidentally swallowing an ecstasy pill? Nice guy. Get a grip Sienna – your days as a dimbwit starlet are numbered!

  19. ShoeSlut

    Yeah, that’s the spirit: forgive the guy who betrayed your trust and project your rage at the woman he did it with. Nice to see priorities on the straight and narrow. Useless, dumb-ass, style-less, overrated beeatch…

  20. Angie

    Oh come of it you guys! If you’re fella cheated on you with some bird you’d be pretty mad at her as well. Its just natural, get down of your high horses!

    It appears you are all obsessed with her appearance, well, Sienna is beautiful and one of the best dressed celebs out there… I sense a touch of jealousy haha!

    And Anni “how many cliches can i fit in one sentance” Brit… Sienna is loved over here, maybe just you then who has a problem with her!

  21. anonymous

    The saying “what goes around, comes around” certainly holds true here. Wasn’t Sienna involved with Jude BEFORE he was divorced? Also, while she is understandably upset about the betrayal, she needs to remember that of the TWO people involved in the affair, only ONE (JUDE)owed her anything, specifically loyalty.
    You know this coupling isn’t for a lifetime-in time (like Michael Douglas), Jude’s sex-addition and “issues” will be public knowledge. And Sienna should remember, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

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